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Episode 1 ~ The Inaugural Podcast

Episode 1 ~ The Inaugural Podcast

This is the inaugural episode of the CoffeeBuzz Podcast. Join Bill Brazeal as he hosts a lively discussion about coffee, life and things in-between. Rick Burgess of the Rick and Bubba show along with Jeff Ericson of Camano Island Coffee Roasters add to the fun as they contribute coffee knowledge from years of experience in […]

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Introducing Haven

For about six years, God has been forming in Erica Jackson a heart for single mothers. However, this past year, He has given her a place to dwell with them. She is calling it Haven. At its root, the word haven represents refuge and a place of shelter. Erica states, “The heartbeat of ‘The Haven’ […]

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coffee improves heart health

3 Ways Coffee Improves Heart Health

3 Ways Coffee Improves Heart Health Did you know coffee can be a key player in keeping your heart healthy? Yes, really! Coffee Improves Heart Health. Check it out below. 1. Coffee Improves Heart Health By Lowering Calcium Deposits In Arteries The same old story you hear about heart health usually is something like this: […]

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January 2017 Devotional

“For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.” 2 Corinthians 8:21. The apostle Paul is reminding us that our integrity is not only important to the Lord but it’s also crucial that we also shouldn’t confuse people with […]

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Coffee and Cigarettes

4 Ways to Beat Bad Coffee & Cigarettes

We’ve all seen movies where two bad guys face off in a diner. They’re drinking bad diner coffee and smoking cheap cigarettes. This type of a scene makes for great cinema but not so great health. Why? Because low-quality coffee has many of the same health risks as tobacco. It’s actually a little scary how […]

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7 Tips to make the Best Coffee - French Press

7 Tips To Make The Best Coffee — French Press

  We as Americans have had a tempestuous relationship with the French. Anyone remember “Freedom Fries.” Well at Buzzbox we like to give credit where credit is due. So, Vive la France! Thank you France for giving us the best coffee extraction method known to man — the French Press. Here are 5 Tips to Make […]

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