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Each BuzzBox shipment you choose comes with 2 lbs of “the-best-of-the-best” from Camano Island Coffee Roasters. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees and no hassles! Just truly great coffee that makes a difference in the world “one-cup-at-a-time.” Click the seals below to find out more about what sets Buzzbox Coffee apart.


Straight from our roaster to your door.

The best tasting coffee comes from freshly roasted beans. Even a few weeks on the shelf can be enough to diminish the flavor of your coffee. At Buzzbox we are committed to shipping freshly roasted coffee beans straight to your door. Your beans will never sit around gathering dust. Just take a whiff of your next Buzzbox shipment and you’ll know you’re getting the freshest beans possible.


Coffee is one of the most absorbent crops on the planet. Coffee is sprayed with more pesticides than any other crop outside of tobacco. And, since coffee gains much of its flavor from the soil in which it’s grown, we believe that it’s crucial to ONLY drink organic coffee. That’s why ALL of our coffees are certified USDA Organic.

Shade Grown

Shade grown beans contain half of the acidity and caffeine of most conventional coffee. Plus, shade-grown coffee prevents soil erosion and deforestation. By only roasting shade-grown coffee, we can ensure the smoothest and most flavorful cup of coffee.

Fairly Traded

If coffee farmers are not paid a fair price, they can’t continue to cultivate these top quality beans. We want to ensure that our farmers are rewarded according to the fruits of their labor. This is why we pay above the fair trade standard for our green beans.

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Give The Gift Of Giving With Buzzbox Coffee

For every shipment you give, you’ll support ministries around the world through the Bronner Burgess Memorial Fund.


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